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Seeing your child lose their first tooth is incredibly exciting, and most of them come out on their own. Occasionally, baby teeth need a little assistance. When teeth are damaged or badly decayed, or when baby teeth start crowding adult teeth, your child may need to have their teeth extracted.

This isn’t as frightening as it sounds. Teeth extractions for your little ones are usually non-invasive and shouldn’t cause you or your child any worry.

There are several reasons why your pediatric dentist may recommend tooth extractions for your child:

  • The tooth is severely decayed
  • Trauma or injury has damaged the tooth
  • A baby tooth remains in place for a long time and crowds an adult tooth. By extracting the tooth, the adult teeth will be able to come in, and orthodontic treatment will not be required in the future.
  • Occasionally, orthodontic treatment requires extraction: removing a tooth can reduce crowding and allow your orthodontist to straighten neighboring teeth.

Getting a tooth pulled may cause parents and children a little anxiety, but in most cases, it is a straightforward procedure that is less involved than an adult tooth extraction.

First, we will take an X-ray to determine the condition of the tooth’s roots and bone. Simple extractions usually require only local anesthesia. As the tooth is removed with forceps, your pediatric dentist will move it within the socket and rotates it so that the periodontal ligaments that bind the tooth to the jawbone can be separated.

Following an extraction, your child may experience a little bleeding. Your dentist will directly apply sterile gauze to the affected area after the tooth is removed. A few stitches may be necessary for the extraction area to heal properly. During the healing process, the gums will form a protective blood clot, and it’s essential to keep the clot to avoid the painful condition of dry socket, which occurs when the clot is removed, exposing the underlying bone to food and liquids.

Your child must eat soft food for the first few days after the procedure and avoid crunchy or hard foods for at least one week so that the extraction area stays clean and the protective clot remains in place. Keep your child hydrated and clean by encouraging them to drink plenty of water.

Our team at Solomon Kids is dedicated to keeping your child’s mouth healthy and helping those adult teeth grow in properly. Contact Solomon Kids today to schedule an appointment for an Extraction. Our online booking system is also available for booking your appointment.




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