Dental Fillings

Dentist Performing Dental Filling Procedure to a Little Girl | Solomon Kids Dentistry in Carnes & Knightsville, SC

The smile of a child is important to everyone: the child, their parents, and us. Solomon Kids often use tooth-colored filling materials to restore a child’s smile. Composite resin is the material used for the work, making it virtually undetectable. When preparing your child for the visit, we recommend not using any “scary” words like […]

Nitrous Oxide

Girl Taking Dental Treatment with the Use of Nitrous Oxide | Solomon Kids Dentistry in Carnes & Knightsville, SC

Our pediatric dentists at Solomon Kids aim to make dental treatment as comfortable as possible for children. Pediatric dental offices are often a calm, comfortable, and relaxed environment for children. There are times, however, when a child feels anxious during treatment. If your child feels uncomfortable, he or she may need more support than a […]


Teeth Extraction | Solomon Kids Dentistry in Carnes & Knightsville, SC

Seeing your child lose their first tooth is incredibly exciting, and most of them come out on their own. Occasionally, baby teeth need a little assistance. When teeth are damaged or badly decayed, or when baby teeth start crowding adult teeth, your child may need to have their teeth extracted. This isn’t as frightening as […]


Kids Teeth

Dental crowns, also called dental caps, are commonly used to save teeth that are at risk of losing them. It is common for a child to receive a filling when he or she has a cavity. By filling the cavity, the tooth can once again function normally. An untreated cavity will only get worse if […]


Nurse Checking Girl's Teeth | Solomon Kids Dentistry in Carnes & Knightsville, SC

A regular pediatric dental check-up is fairly straightforward and routine. Pediatric dentists recommend that the first visit to the dentist should be scheduled once the first tooth is visible. Afterward, it’s usually recommended to have dental check ups at least once every 6 months. What Should I Expect During My Child’s Teeth Cleaning Appointment? Following […]

First Check-Up

Dentist Checking Little Girl's Teeth | Solomon Kids Dentistry in Carnes & Knightsville, SC

Visiting a dentist by your child’s first birthday is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. Although this may sound early, it is extremely important to teach proper pediatric oral hygiene techniques, check for cavities, and watch for developmental problems. Young children and babies can suffer from several types of tooth decay. Early Childhood […]

Kids Dentistry

Two Children With Tooth Brush Photo | Solomon Kids Dentistry in Carnes & Knightsville, SC

Seeing a dentist with experience in kids dentistry ensures your child always receives the best care possible. At Solomon Kids Dentistry, the team provides compassionate, comprehensive care for children. Whether your child needs a teeth cleaning or a dental appliance for jaw correction, the Solomon Kids Dentistry team has the skill and experience to deliver […]

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